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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smile please~

Hurm.. today my feeling is quite ok rather than 2 days before.. Thanks God..u listen my pray! Actually..lately my feeling is not so good and for sure I’m not smile sincerely even I do smile..;).. maybe it was reminds me 11 years ago.. Ya Allah him in peace please! I’m really miss him.. almost 11 years we lost him during our Hari Raya.. it too hard for us actually.. we losing him on 26 Ramadhan ..just 4 days remains before Raya ..;((( For every the end of Ramadhan.. I never forgot the 26 ramadhan tragedy.. OH God..please dun take any person who I’m love anymore.. ;(

So, today…what is going on ya?? hurm today I don’t have class for teaching.. just edit my proposal and forecast the budgeting.. tak siap2 lagi.. *sigh* we change the place at last minute.. so I need to change all the things,. Huh leceh betul~ and as usual I should nego about the price and date, sought for the best /suit place for student activities, and plan the best date so that it not clash with other program..(it was my job spec since I hold this post) hehek..
:)) hurm.. what xtvt coming soon?? We already arrange the schedule and some of the xtvt is very2 interesting’’.. Bird watching at Bukit Fraser this mid Sept, follow by FRIM visitation, KLIA n LCCT, Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Recreation Courses, and Akua at Tioman Island.. ;))))!! I loike this activities.., hehe.. exceptation: to Renang clases.. hahah.. Actually I supposed to rotate with my clique for every weeks for this classes.. Huh.. not really interested ;))) but when my student ask bout the classes.. I very interesting ..n they need to learn how to swim.. LOL.. though myself oso nebes!

From now I suppose to prepare all the equipment for jungle trekking, n especially bag pack.. as I need to trekking for many time soon.. where should I shop ek !.. I’m addicted for bagpack noW!!

So it enough for today ! *wish I will smile for this whole day* without pretending anything*;;DDD
Splendid day for today, tomorrow and soon!!

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