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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smile please~

Hurm.. today my feeling is quite ok rather than 2 days before.. Thanks God..u listen my pray! Actually..lately my feeling is not so good and for sure I’m not smile sincerely even I do smile..;).. maybe it was reminds me 11 years ago.. Ya Allah him in peace please! I’m really miss him.. almost 11 years we lost him during our Hari Raya.. it too hard for us actually.. we losing him on 26 Ramadhan ..just 4 days remains before Raya ..;((( For every the end of Ramadhan.. I never forgot the 26 ramadhan tragedy.. OH God..please dun take any person who I’m love anymore.. ;(

So, today…what is going on ya?? hurm today I don’t have class for teaching.. just edit my proposal and forecast the budgeting.. tak siap2 lagi.. *sigh* we change the place at last minute.. so I need to change all the things,. Huh leceh betul~ and as usual I should nego about the price and date, sought for the best /suit place for student activities, and plan the best date so that it not clash with other program..(it was my job spec since I hold this post) hehek..
:)) hurm.. what xtvt coming soon?? We already arrange the schedule and some of the xtvt is very2 interesting’’.. Bird watching at Bukit Fraser this mid Sept, follow by FRIM visitation, KLIA n LCCT, Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Recreation Courses, and Akua at Tioman Island.. ;))))!! I loike this activities.., hehe.. exceptation: to Renang clases.. hahah.. Actually I supposed to rotate with my clique for every weeks for this classes.. Huh.. not really interested ;))) but when my student ask bout the classes.. I very interesting ..n they need to learn how to swim.. LOL.. though myself oso nebes!

From now I suppose to prepare all the equipment for jungle trekking, n especially bag pack.. as I need to trekking for many time soon.. where should I shop ek !.. I’m addicted for bagpack noW!!

So it enough for today ! *wish I will smile for this whole day* without pretending anything*;;DDD
Splendid day for today, tomorrow and soon!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time rest for this blog… ayoyo… almost 2 month am working as a lecturer at dis college.. my student is not bad.. cute,,hensem,,beauty and a bit poyo..LOL.. but am heppy coz most of them were ease to cooperate with..
Yesterday, I was assist the schedule arrangement and there are too pack activities coming soon..~ huh.. Activities with Jungle is too hard for me~ though am live in jungle actually..LOL.. As am teaching subject Nature Tourism at the College..So..Jungle is the best place to my student for visiting ..Camping, Jungle Trekking, Hiking, Tubing and coming soon water ratfing.. hoho..
My experience a month ago when I was at Taman Negara Pahang.. so exciting plus novelty..Even it wasn’t my fis experience..but since too long am not doing the adventure such am doing it as my first time ;D.. Plus am get knowing with new friends and spend my joy time wif my luvly student,, luv it~..
Bird watching:: LOL shock when am assign to teach this subject.. I should know bout the whole characteristic of birds or bird language.. bout its bill, leg type, type of birds, where they live..indeed, what they eat n do they have teeth oso I should sought.. HAHA.. one more thing.. why bird sing a song every morning.. n why they migrant ?? Hoh.. quite interesting..bit funny sumtimes..

Next two week..we will heading to Bukit Fraser for this birds watching activities.. It will new for me soon ;)))..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

9 days remain ^_^

Alhamdulliah..Thanks to God for giving me breathe again this morning…

Yeah , I’m not update my blog quite longg time.. few months maybe.. Now am still waiting for the day..oh yeah… the beginning for me starting my job,.,:D can’t imagine for my first day soon, whether is it go well, or spoil.. hehe.. anyway, I wish God give me strength and hev full energy for make it is good as the beginner.. *sigh* I will never know until the day comes.. who will be my student.. is they older than me or youngest one.. ape2 ajelah.. hentam sajelah…

Actually the placement result is quite disappointed me as I dream I will transfer to Kuantan.. Btw, as the result is there, I should thankful at least it will cut cost many things and of course I will saving my money for get my dream shortly..
Still have a lot of things that make me wonder and a bit worries when I had a lot of things for thinking about.. wat is it??
ok a minutes.. why not I stop this ..malas nk pk sal keje,.. when the time come.. barulah boleh complaint itu n ini.. now stop for a while.. lantak lah..
..i know I will shock with the new live after this… there are no more activities like I do enjoy as usual everyday.. makan tido.. nothing at all..ok.. no diva universal channel for every morning anymore, no oprah show series, no bella, no redah kasi pecah, no maharaja lawak repeated shows and wut ever series on my television channel.. huh,, syok gile bercuti berbulan2.. I try to fully utilize my mom had pay for every month bills.. LOL..
I will miss all this kind of television channel and programmed.. yes I will.. As I had do it for everyday almost 2 months non-stop..
Now I wanna shortlist my fav programmed..Haha

hehe..this is my lovely weekly shows programmed..and I will do repeated watch it.. again again and again..without bored.. but I will soon.. hehek.. I can’t forgot about Amir at week 5.. damn stupid..but make me smile all the time when it comes to my mind.. crazy arghhh …

second one.. this is my routine for every morning if channel 702 had show it.. definitely Oprah series.. I love this talk show programmed so much .. as I’m not have this previously.. by then,, with this time,.,balun sampai lebam all the series as long as masih ditayangkan.. why I’m so enjoy with this talk show?? absolutely coz of the sincerity and honest by both top host and guest visitor.. though this Tv programmed had terminated for a few months ago.. but people still watch it as repeated.. ;)

Comedy series..
this series also make me laugh every morning.. before or while breakfast I used to watch this programmed.. I’m swear… kelakar gle.. those who want to laugh after wake up early morn ..u need and supposed to take ur tv remote control and switch to 132 channel.. trust me..;p

* Btw, sometimes I do both and read tweets from my tweetsweet.. .. am often tweet with few celebrities ..mostly Natasha Hudson and sham kamikaze, and some more people.. hehek..

This is my tweetsweet fwens…hehek ;D

now..there are few more days I had to waiting for ..I pray the new life will comfy me and not try me too hard.. Amin..

Friday, April 8, 2011

galore boreddd...

huissshhhhh... lama sudah tidak mengupdate kan diri dgn blog nih... winduuuuuuu...
sejak berakhirnya kelas IT for managers maka.. berakhirlah juga status dan post2 di blog ni.. ;D.. but today tetibe teringkat kat blog kebetulan plak ade sifat terlebih rajin nk buka blog chenta ku amani ni, maka jari laju menekan punat2 di keyboard nih.. ;D

setelah setahun lebih tinggalkan ukm ni.. tetibe ade mood nk datang smula unt menempah kerja yang memerlukan kesabaran yakni menggunakan otak dengan idea untuk datang secara galore, ...galore.. kerja di bawah arahan profesor bukanlah suatu kerja yang mudah!! perbandingan tahap ilmu adalah bagai langit dan bumi~ dengan secara selamba professor madya dot dot ini memberi tugasan yang agak boleh tahan ting tong nyer unt saye siapkan dalam masa yg sgt singkat.. dalam hati terasa tidak mampu.. tapi tidak mahu menghampakan harapan orang.. dengan selamba menjawab baik prof.. saya cube... HUH..

cube untuk jalankan amanah yg diberi orang dgn hati yg iklas dan menganggap suatu pekerjaan itu adalah suatu ibadah!! dengan hanya berbekalkan kalimah seperti ini..hati akan tenang dalam melakukan pekerjaan yang pada mula nya dianggap susah.. though selalu juga mengomel di laman tweeter malas nk buat keje.. hahaha

malam tadi terpaksa bawa balik kerja yang tak sempat disiapkan di ofis, sampai rumah dah petang.. penat ditambah dengan sakit kepala yang teramat.. as usual 2 biji panadol untuk membunuh kuman yg memberi kesakitan... nyahhhh... legaa... malam dpat buat keje dengan aman... syukur...

lalAlLALALA,... tetibe plak rase teringat kat umah.. biasa time macam ni masa cuti 2 bulan boleh layan TV.. now.. no more oprah winfrey show.., hot in cleveland, maharaja lawak and cite indonesia petang2... sob2...

owhhh terlebih sudah.. my work still haven't finish continue lah apa lagi...

nanti bos datang.....cauuuuu.....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Working Experience

1 July- 30 Nov 2009- Research Assistance

Pusat Pengajian Media dan Komunikasi

Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan, UKM, Bangi Selangor.

16 Jan-30 Mac 2009- Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT)

SMK Setia Wangsa, 27200 Kuala Lipis

Awards and Achievements

Awards: None (coming soon..hehe)

Achievements : None

Activities involve:

Participated in English Tourism Course, Organize by Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan
Negeri Terengganu.

Participated in Act Tourism Course, Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri Kedah.

Participated in Entrepreneurship Development Programme for Graduates, Johor

Participated as a facilitator at motivation programmed in SK Dato Kayaman Perlis.

Participated in Perlis International Long Boat Festival 2007, Organize by Majlis
Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri Perlis.

Participated in Recreation Programmed Management at Rapid Fire White Water
Park, Sungai Sedim, Kedah.

Participated in Terengganu Monsun Cup International 2007

Participated in Kembara Usahawan Unggul Penang, organize by UUM